TBK Reviews

“I just received this kit today. I’m pretty impressed. For the price I was a little worried it might have some cheap Chinese knock off parts. Well, happily, it came with a “made in Japan” Bando timing belt, made in USA Bando accessory belts, genuine Toyota tensioner assembly (it’s pre-compressed so it eliminates the need for a $30 special tensioner compressor). GMB idler bearings, 82 degree C thermostat (no brand), Aisin water pump, which pleased me, as the photo shows GMB. Aisin is the OEM brand, and is same company that builds the transmission for the 3rd Gen 4Runners. The water pump is also the newer metal gasket kind, so you don’t need to mess with the Toyota black sealant. Also included are cam and crank seals which I’m hoping I won’t need, but nice to have on hand. Also, shipping was really fast, I received it the day after I ordered it!”

Matt – Amazon Customer