New Supra Slated For Geneva

Toyota Supra

It has been more than fifteen years since the last Toyota Supra rolled off the production line and its cult-like following has been begging the automaker to bring back the venerable coupe. Well, the waiting is nearly over with the 2019 Supra set to debut at the Geneva Auto Show this month.

While Toyota has been relatively tight-lipped about the next generation Supra, some aspects of the new coupe seem pretty certain. It’s well known that the 2019 Supra is the result of a joint venture with BMW and will share the same platform as the German automaker’s Z4 roadster. There is also speculation that a hybrid version of the coupe will be offered and built around a BMW 2.0 liter turbo four-cylinder engine.

It is also fairly clear that the next-gen Supra will feature a double-bubble hardtop roof, a more aggressive stance and a grand tourer-like profile. Like generations past, the new Supra will undoubtedly be rear wheel drive. The teaser photo above (released by Toyota a few weeks ago) shows a massive race-inspired rear wing that will likely not be standard equipment on the base model.

Drivetrain choices for the next-gen Supra are still a bit of a mystery, but best guess for the base model is a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder generating around 248 horsepower. There is also talk of a hybrid model mating the base engine with two electric motors which will likely give the coupe some impressive 0-60 times. Finally, we may see a twin turbo inline 6-cylinder at the top trim level.

There is a lot of speculation that the 2019 Supra will only be available with an automatic, a serious let down for the true enthusiast, but again, it’s all speculation at this stage. It Toyota does forego the manual tranny, they are likely going to disappoint many long-time Supra fans.

Regardless what the final production model offers, we are looking forward to this next-gen Toyota Supra. Only time will tell if the new model lives up to all the hype. Look for updates on this long awaited reveal later this month.