New Civic Type-R Smokes Nurburgring Record

Civic Type-R

Maybe we’re crazy, but we can’t wait to drive the new Civic Type-R!

We know, we know. since they discontinued the S-2000, Honda only builds the frumpy daily drivers that fill driveways across America. While we too, miss the S-2000, the Civic Type-R promises to be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, in a recent run of the Nurburgring the new Civic proved its prowess by smoking the FWD lap record on the famed track.

So What It ‘The Nurburgring’?

The Nurburgring is a public road near the Belgian-German border that also serves as a race track. The newer section of the roadway is used to host professional auto racing events, everything from drag racing to Formula One.

The older section (referred to as the Northern Loop) represents the longest, most difficult and dangerous racetrack in the World. At nearly 21 km in length, it is almost five times longer than the typical racetrack, and it is far more challenging.

The average racetrack has between seven and ten corners, whereas the Nurburgring has 70. It is a high elevation roller coaster that twists and turns for nearly thirteen miles through Germany’s Eifel Mountains. It is also the track that nearly every modern auto manufacturer uses to test and tune their cars.

What Makes The Civic Type-R So Special?

The Civic Type-R is a performance version of that frumpy Honda subcompact you see filling your neighborhood driveways. Unlike the standard Civic, the Type-R features a lighter body, stiffer suspension, specially tuned engine and upgraded brakes and chassis. It also sports a 2.0 liter turbo engine that delivers 306 HP to the 20″ wheels. All of this adds up to some pretty impressive track times.

Earlier this month Honda took the new Type-R to Nurburgring to test its mettle and smashed the record previously held by the Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport S. The new Civic beat the GTi’s record by more than three seconds and crushed its own previous best time by nearly seven seconds.

So, What’s That Mean For You?

Well, it means for the first time Americans will be able to get their hands on a fully loaded Civic Type-R that will scoot from 0 to 60 in just over five seconds and reach speeds in excess of 160 miles per hour. That’s a whole lot of Civic for less than $40,000, and now it comes with bragging rights as the new Nurburgring record holder.