Honda Odyssey OEM Timing Belt Component List

Honda Odyssey

We know it’s not easy to determine who makes the original equipment timing belt components for your Honda Odyssey. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list to help guide you.

It’s fair to say that Honda produces some of the most durable and reliable automobiles on the market and the Honda Odyssey is no exception. So, when it is time to replace timing belt components on your Odyssey, you’ll want to use the same quality parts that Honda uses.

Honda, like many manufacturers, does not publish original equipment manufacturer information for replacement parts. That makes it difficult for the DIY mechanic to determine which timing belt kit is best for their particular model.

TBK to the rescue! Here is a list of all timing belt components that you might need for your Honda Odyssey timing belt change, and the original equipment manufacturer for each. Depending on your particular model year, trim level, and engine, you may need some or all of these parts.

 Component  Honda Odyssey
 Timing Belt Bando or Mitsuboshi Brand
 Drive Belts  Bando or Mitsuboshi Brand
 Water Pump  Aisin
 Belt Tensioner  Koyo
 Idler  Koyo
 Hydraulic Adjuster  Aisin
 Camshaft Seals  Stone
 Crankshaft Seals  Stone


So, now you have the whole list of OEM components for your Honda Odyssey timing belt change. Now all you need to do is find a reliable seller that uses OEM parts. You can begin your search online, or just go directly to .