Honda Is Making EV Look Awesome!

Honda has always been at the cutting edge of fuel efficiency, being one of the first automakers to offer hybrid and electric powertrains, but the unveiling of the Sport EV concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show makes the future of electric vehicles look awesome!

Built on a dedicated EV architecture, the sport EV is said to have a refined and powerful electric drivetrain that provides smooth and fast acceleration. Its low center of gravity, wide stance and sweeping fastback roofline make this little number a pleasure to look at and hints at a super high fun factor.

Honda has not put forth any performance figures (heck we don’t even know if it is front or rear wheel drive), they did make a point of noting the AI under the hood. Like the NeuV concept unveiled earlier this year, the Sport EV is equipped with Honda’s Automated Network Assistant, a futuristic AI system that can learn driver behavior.

While Honda has not provided many details with regard to the Sport EV, it seems unlikely it will go into production anytime soon, and would likely be introduced to the Japanese market long before it hits U.S. shores.

In fact, according to┬áHonda CEO Takahiro Hachigo, “We haven’t decided any specifications, including the range, as well as when to release this car. This concept model simply represents our vision. But if we were to introduce it, I would like to bring it first to the Japanese market.”

Regardless, whether the Sport EV makes it to U.S. shores in the near future, it certainly speaks volumes about the direction Honda is taking with regard to electric vehicles and future production runs are likely to provide Sport EV inspired models.