5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs A Tune Up

Tune Up

Changing your engine oil on a regular basis is easily the most important maintenance you can do on your vehicle. Second to that is the tune up.

While the advent of new technologies and on-board computer monitoring has changed the way automobiles are serviced in many respects, the tune up is still a very important part of a solid vehicle maintenance program.

Today’s vehicle are designed to run unhindered for longer periods of time than vehicles of the past and many newer models do not require any scheduled maintenance before 100,000 miles. Still, depending on your driving habits, environmental conditions, and particular make and model, your vehicle may require a tune up long before the manufacturer’s recommended service interval.

Below are five signs that it is time to give your vehicle a tune up:

Hard Starts

If you are having trouble getting your car to start in the morning it could point to a variety of issues (a weak battery or failing fuel pump, for instance), but it may also be something as simple as a fouled spark plug or loose wire – things a simple tune up will address.


Cars stall when the fuel is not being ignited as it should. If your vehicle stalls, even occasionally, it is likely due to fouled plugs or dirty connectors. A tune up will help to identify and resolve this issue.

Knocking Sounds or Rough Idle

Engine knocks during acceleration or when climbing a hill is a sure sign that something is wrong. The same is true if your car sounds rough when idling. While these symptoms may point to a more serious problem, a simple tune up will help eliminate some of the more likely problems.

Sluggish Acceleration

Sluggish or rough acceleration is often indicative of one or more spark plugs failing to ignite. It may also be the result of a clogged air or fuel filter. A simple tune up will address all of these issues and you can do it yourself.

Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice that you are spending more time at the pump refueling your vehicle faulty plugs, plug wires, or clogged fuel filter could be the culprit. A tune up will address these issues and help ensure greater efficiency and performance.

Not all issues can be resolved with a simple tune up, but tuning up your ride on a regular basis will provide better performance and efficiency. In addition, this kind of routine maintenance can help your vehicle to last longer and guard against vehicle breakdowns.

If you think it is time tat your vehicle had a tune up you can do it yourself with a tune up kit and a few standard tools. If you are not mechanically inclined, visit your local auto repair shop for service.